PLUS is coordinating the ENERGYSCAPE Project

The recently started project ENERGYSCAPE develops recommendations serving as a basis for a landscape strategy with a mix of renewable energy systems. Read more 


Mapping Ecosystem Services Book Available

The book "Mapping Ecosystem Services" is now available. It provides a short and understandable introduction suitable for a broad audience. Read more 


Adrienne Grêt-Regamey contributing to an online course on ecosystem services

Adrienne Grêt-Regamey is contributing to the massive open online course (MOOC) on Ecosystem Services organized by the Universitsy of Geneva Read more 


New employees at PLUS

The PLUS-research group welcomes three new employees Read more 


Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz

Adrienne Grêt-Regamey contributed to the recently published report "Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz" Read more 


PLUS members @ 3rd Global Land Programme Open Science Meeting in Beijing

Victoria Junquera, Jonas Schwaab, and Enrico Celio contributed with four presentations, one poster and a session to the GLP-OSM Read more 


ETH Zukunftsblog Contribution "Improving resilience through diverse land stewards"

Biodiversity has been shown to increase the resilience of ecosystems to global change. But what fosters the resilience of socio-ecological systems? We have shown that in order to build and maintain resilient mountain landscapes, we need not only a diversity of species, but a diversity of land stewards.   Read more 


Thomas M. Klein successfully finished his Ph.D. dissertation on “Visual Communication of Ecosystem Services”

In his Ph.D. project Thomas M. Klein investigated user demands and technical requirements for web-based spatial decision support systems (DSS) and geographic information systems (GIS) Read more 


Introducing Oppla: a global platform for nature-based solutions aiming to revolutionise environmental knowledge

Oppla, a new open platform for nature-based solutions, launches on Tuesday 20th September as part of the Ecosystem Services Conference taking place in Antwerp, Belgium. Read more 


PLUS at GEOSummit & GEOSchool Day 2016 in Berne

From 7. - 9. June 2016 the PLUS gave a live demo of the visual-acoustic simulation of wind turbines (VisAsim) at the GEOSummit 2016 in Berne. A special event was the GEOSchoolDay, where pupils could explore the wind park landscape with the Virtual Reality headset Oculus Rift.  Read more 



ECOPOTENTIAL is a large European-funded H2020 project that aims to blend Earth Observations from remote sensing and field measurements, data analysis and modelling to assess current and future ecosystem conditions and services. Read more 


First journal publications of 2016

Four journal items about ecosystem services related to rivers, ecosystem services in the Swiss Alps and an indicator framework for assessing ecosystem services in EU-countries. Read more 


A new MAES report about forest ecosystem services

A new report by the MAES-initiative has been published: Mapping and assessment of forest ecosystem services – Applications and guidance for decision making in the framework of MAES Read more 


New employees at PLUS

The PLUS-research group welcomes six new employees from six different countries Read more 


Culmann-Fonds award 2016 for Master's thesis of Sander Kool

The Master's thesis of Sander Kool has been awarded by the Culmann-Fonds. The title of the thesis is "Small Urban Open Spaces - a contribution to the provision of open spaces in the city of Zurich". Read more 


MESEU Final Synthesis Report

The aim of the MESEU project (Mapping of Ecosystems and their Services in the EU and its Member States) was to provide assistance on the mapping and assessment of the state of ecosystems and their services in the national territories of the EU Member States in the context of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy. Read more 


Lecture in the MOOC Livable Future Cities

The Massive Open Online Course MOOC 2 LIVABLE FUTURE CITIES started on Wednesday 23 September 2015. Read more 


New CHECNET project

Recently the Swiss National Science Foundation financed the CHECNET project. Human networks, consisting of settlements and roads, are often a threat to the integrity of ecological networks, in which natural habitats are connected with one another. Read more 


Future Cities Lab Singapore to continue

ETH Zurich established the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) at the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) in 2010 which will continue in a second phase starting September 2015. Read more 


Dissertation Madeleine Manyoky

Madeleine Manyoky successfully finished her PhD dissertation on „Visual-Acoustic Simulation for Landscape Impact Assessment of Wind Parks“. Read more 

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