New employees at PLUS


The PLUS-research group welcomes three new employees

Vincent Cohen

Vincent Cohen joined PLUS as a research assistant in September 2016 after having written in the group his master thesis about the evaluation of policy instruments for securing soil resources. He is from France and has an engineering degree in transport and city planning from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Paris. Vincent became interested in ecosystem services and modeling of diverse socio-ecological systems during his exchange at ETH for his final year of master training. He started his PhD in January 2017 in the MtnPATHS project that aims at investigating pathways for global change adaptation of mountain socio-ecological systems.

Angela Dissegna

Angela Dissegna joined PLUS in December 2016. She is currently working at the Future Cities Lab in Singapore in the project Ecosystem Services in Urban Landscapes. She obtained her MSc. Degrees in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Environmental Modelling as part of the Erasmus Mundus programme in Sweden and the Netherlands. Her PhD studies focus in the quantification of ecosystem services using remote sensing techniques. Among her research interests are a variety of remote sensing applications for the environment and mapping using Light detection and Ranging technology.

Sander Kool

Sander Kool has recently finished his master studies in Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems at ETH. In his master thesis he was focussing on small urban public spaces within the city of Zurich. Over more than three years he worked for the City Planning Office in Zurich. He started working at PLUS on the Thematic Synthesis on spatial development within the National Research Programme „Soil as a Resource“ (NRP 68) in October 2016.  

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