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Introducing Oppla: a global platform for nature-based solutions aiming to revolutionise environmental knowledge

Oppla, a new open platform for nature-based solutions, launches on Tuesday 20th September as part of the Ecosystem Services Conference taking place in Antwerp, Belgium. Read more 


PLUS at GEOSummit & GEOSchool Day 2016 in Berne

From 7. - 9. June 2016 the PLUS gave a live demo of the visual-acoustic simulation of wind turbines (VisAsim) at the GEOSummit 2016 in Berne. A special event was the GEOSchoolDay, where pupils could explore the wind park landscape with the Virtual Reality headset Oculus Rift.  Read more 



ECOPOTENTIAL is a large European-funded H2020 project that aims to blend Earth Observations from remote sensing and field measurements, data analysis and modelling to assess current and future ecosystem conditions and services. Read more 

Research and consulting activities of PLUS are focused on:

  • Assessing and integrating environmental, societal, and economical concerns in spatial planning
  • Application and advancement of computer aided planning tools with regard to spatial, environmental and landscape planning
  • Solving inverse problems in landscape and environmental planning
  • Developing and testing decision-support systems for spatial management

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